Environmental Health


Solar Panels

In an effort to bring more solar energy to Montana and promote awareness regarding creative ways of using solar panels Conscious Completion in collaboration with Human Powered Future have created a veranda using solar panels. In the summer the veranda provides shade decreasing the need for electricity to be used towards air conditioning. The veranda also provides a sound structure to support solar panels. This project is available for people to view and get inspired by!

Power Conditioner

Many of us find healthy living is also about limiting the EMF exposure we have. We all want homes that function with clean energy. With the Power Perfect Box EMF fields are reduced, harmonics and dirty energy are filtered, surge protection is provided and energy is produced more efficiently with less waste.  After just one month of use Laurel's power bill dropped $20 due to the the Box.  Laurel also noticed a decrease in EMFs in the form of greater overall calm and ease. To order your Power Perfect Box contact Laurel.


Staging is not just for getting your home on the market. Staging your home also enables you to feel more calm, content, and joyful. Our awareness is constantly tracking the environment and what is in it. When it is cluttered or filled with items that do not bring us joy it diminishes our energy. Laurel connects to the environment and the client in order to bring about an environment that serves the individual(s) within it. Clients are left with a design that brings joy and contentment as well as concepts that can be implemented to promote orderliness.  Contact Laurel to set up staging.

Bedding and Water

What you sleep on may be off gassing or contributing to allergies if you do not educate yourself on your sleeping products and how to maintain them.  Soaring Heart Natural Beds carries the highest quality organic beds and bedding.

For water purification we recommend The Perfect Water.  For shower heads try your local hardware store or Amazon.