Energy Medicine

Medical Qigong ~ Yi Ren Qigong (YRQ)


Laurel is a teacher of Yi Ren Qigong.  YRQ is the practice of cultivating individual inherent capacity and well-being through the cultivation of “Qi”- a bio-energy information system within you and surrounding you.  With classes and practice you naturally become self aware of energy flow in your body, what is functional for your physical body and what enables you greater joy in all areas of life.  Yi Ren Qigong enables you to consciously know the internal wisdom of your body.  This means understanding your body’s functions energetically, informationally, emotionally, subconsciously and the collective unconscious.  A consistent practice of YRQ assists you to strengthen all levels of yourself by regulating and harmonizing your physical, emotional and energetic body.  Self-knowledge, self-healing, self-care, self-realization, self-mastery, and self-fulfillment are possible.  

Laurel is not currently teaching classes but recommends level 1, 2, and 3 be taken with Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD, who founded IQ&IM in 1998.

Virtue Medicine


Virtue medicine is a form of energy medicine perfect for transitions or major life change (re-location, career shifts, health challenges, relationship issues, spiritual awakenings).  Gentleness, purposefulness and compassion are used to help you know what resonates with who you really are. These sessions allow you to release judgment and own your nobility.  Virtues in these sessions are used to grow your gifts, set your intentions and increase your ability to manifest what is best for you.  These sessions are designed to clear what you need to let go of from your lifetime and generational programming.  Transgenerational trauma clearings neutralize limiting beliefs and energy giving you a new canvas to create your life with.  Your capacity to create abundance, joy, vitality and harmony is now accessible.  You also learn the secrets to listening to your body's rhythms and the spiritual guidance you are constantly given.

Animal and Nature assisted Therapy


Animals and Nature reflect to us the energy medicine we need.  Nature knows how to take care of nature with the original intunement bestowed upon it and flowing through it.  This purity can help us to center, purify and renew with the antidotes we truly need.  This therapy clarifies your intentions and essential needs while the animals and nature provide the remedies.  Laurel contains the process while assisting the emotional, physical and spiritual shifts.  

To assist this therapy and the other therapies on this page there is a virtues worksheet from The Virtues Project for you below.  As you deepen on a virtue each week see how nature also cultivates that virtue within you and throughout your life.

Holographic Memory Release (HMR)


 HMR energy medicine supports energetic realignment of the body, mind and energy system.  Your energetic body is the field around and within the physical body.  Usually illness shows up in the energetic field first. The energy vectors of your energy field connect with the vertebrae which connect to the organs, connective tissue and meridians of your body.  Laurel uses these wisely established systems as guides to enable activation of your innate healing ability.  Energetic dis-ease is able to come into ease or balance.  Any information needing acknowledgment is brought into consciousness at the time you are able to handle it so resolve can occur at an honoring pace.  You are guided to grow more intune with yourself with the continued use of this energetic method as well as your practice of Conscious Completion.