Individual sessions are $225 per hour.  Shorter or longer sessions at the same prorated rate by phone or WhatsApp are also available.  To reserve your session please make payment in advance with either of the two payment options below or check.  Consultations between sessions are billed at the same rate.  Group coaching packages and workshops vary based on the contract.  

Individual sessions booked on the weekend or after 5:15 p.m. PST are $275 per hour.

Free Easy Payment Option

Zelle is direct bank depositing.  Once you set it up it is faster than writing a check and you can use it to receive money from others as well as make payments.  Please send payment to: 


PayPal fees are the client's responsibility. Please send payment to:  

Insurance Reimbursement Form (For Washington State Residence only)

When you are ready to submit billing to insurance just print the form below and fill out all information except for the codes. I will enter the codes and sign it.  Please keep a copy of your completed billing form so you have a backup in case your insurance misplaces it. You are responsible for getting necessary authorizations and understanding your insurance policy.  With telehealth sessions you may need additional authorization from your insurance company since not all plans cover it.