Free Supportive Meditations



This meditation is helpful for starting the day with greater clarity and energy.  Combine with an intention to maintain boundaries, unfold with ease and live joyfully.   Click here to view.


Let your body guide you.  Click here to listen.

Chakra Balancing for your innate healing and being

In the process of healing, let go of what is or appears to be effort and trust your energy field to take care of that.  Sometime things need to bake in the oven before they are done.  Listen here.

Clear the Clutter

Maintaining your new holographic image requires you to create a new way of being in alignment with who you truly are.  Maintaining a cutter free mind and environment assists this process. Click here to clear the mind clutter.

Breathe and Balance

You may find bowls help you balance, ground and breathe.  Click here to listen.

Creating You

The process of creating your life is the biggest gift you have.  Reinforce your new neural networks by supporting your energized brain! Marinate in your breath, your smile and the elongation of your spine. Listen here.