meditations to activate your healing capacities


Bi-lateral Stimulation for Your Brain & Energy Medicine for Your Whole Being

Bi-lateral stimulation helps the brain to process stress.  If you go for a walk you may have experienced how this helps you get clear on a problem or how it uplifts your mood.   Let your mind be as it is while you walk.  Release any goals and feel the sensations of the walk as thoughts, sensations and emotions come and go.  In this process you may end up crying, getting clear on a issue or gaining a greater sense of contentment.  

Follow this with any of the exercises in this presentation that help you including the triple warmer exercise.

New Neural Networks

Neurons that fire together get wired together as neural networks in the brain.  When you saver sensations related to such things as relief, joy, accomplishment, and contentment you help to wire these as networks.  As you continue to marinate in the sensations these networks become stronger and more available.  Savor at least 10 seconds.

Cellular Communication

Savoring the sensations you wish to grow helps your cells to know how you want to create yourself so lingering in what you want to create or attract can raise your vibration and make your own creation.  This bountiful meditation is best to do in the moment you are experiencing the greatest intensity of sensation you wish to grow such as joy, calm, or relief.  The key is to savor it for at least 10 seconds while you are in the experience and then bring up the activating situation and savor the sensations for at least 10 seconds prior to going to sleep and waking up.  This is an excellent meditation to do with the new neural networks established during your Wellness Coaching session.  It is also important to do as you see the manifestations of your new canvas.

Gentle Eating

Slow down, feel the sensation of the support underneath you and savor the flavor and textures of your food to help your nervous system wire or use those pleasure pathways of thriving.  Stop eating when you are 70% full knowing you can always come back for more later.  If this is difficult, savor a warm 8 oz cup of your favorite tea or hot cocoa made with nut milk (sweeten with monk fruit, stevia or raw local honey).

Loving Lymphatic Support

Take the time to dry brush your body prior to your shower or bath while you send love to every part of your body.  If there is a place you find difficult to love send appreciation for what it does for you and what it communicates.  If you forget, dry off with a wash cloth moving it in the directions demonstrated by Dr Mindy Beck, ND.  Give yourself at least 7-10 minutes to do this meditation.  This can energize or relax your nervous system depending on your application and who you are.  Applying the hydrotherapy with at least 10 seconds of cool water (no more than 30 seconds) at the end of your shower is helpful.  If you like the hydrotherapy you can go back and forth from warm to cold at least 3 times.  Lastly, put a filter on your shower head so you do not expose yourself to chlorine, fluoride or other highly toxic chemicals commonly used in public water supplies.

To help your lymphatics with another exercise you can do outside try this 5 minute energy exercise with the lymphatic massage from Donna Eden.

Stretching Meditation-Opening the Channels of Healing and Detoxification

Stretching with deep full breathing can enable the body to be more open energetically.  Please check with your doctor for the appropriate stretches.  I recommend you lay on the earth, if possible face down, and bring your torso up off the ground as your arms support you.  Breathe into the pose and feel any sensation of loosening or tightness free from judgment.   Hold at least 15 seconds or longer depending on comfort.  This opens the front of the body which has many meridians running through it.  Use the same protocol for side stretches, downward dog, upward cat and other stretches recommended by your doctor. 

Animals show us this wonderful wisdom.  How often do you notice your cat or dog stretching it's spine throughout the day with a downward dog or upward cat pose....maybe you can join in!  


Free Supportive Meditations


Daily Routine

This meditation is helpful for starting the day with greater clarity and energy.  Combine with an intention to maintain boundaries, unfold with ease and live joyfully.  It takes about 5 minutes and it is helpful to do every morning and as needed through-out the day.   Click here to view.

Using Virtues to Strengthen your Self and your family

Individually or as a family deepen on the meanings of the the virtues, make cards or order virtue cards from the Virtues Project and appreciate yourself and others practicing the virtues.  When you are late say "I appreciate your patience" and notice the sensation of this verses "I am sorry".  When someone helps, verbalize how you appreciate the helpfulness and kindness and then savor the sensation.  This usually creates sensations connected with elongation of the spine and smiles for everyone.  Savor the sensations! Take one virtue a week and deepen on it, use it in communication and then savor the effects!

Chakra Balancing for your innate healing and being

In the process of healing, let go of what is or appears to be effort and trust your energy field to take care of that.  When you let yourself just be with the sensations or feelings you are experiencing it can create a space of stillness where you can witness how your body dissipates, communicates and unfolds through its' innate knowing of how to heal.  Being somewhere where you can make sounds or have your feelings helps this meditation take place. 

Clear the Clutter

Maintaining your new holographic image requires you to create a new way of being in alignment with who you truly are. Maintaining a clutter free mind and environment assists this process.  Clearing the clutter from you home can serve as a meditation to support this.  Surround yourself with what you love and get rid of what is irritating.  

Breathe and Balance

Just breathe while you feel the sensations of support underneath you.  If you can be outside feeling the earth beneath your feet this is optimal.  Locate the K1 point which is at the bottom your foot and feel the sensation of your feet connecting to the support beneath you and through out you.  Notice if your breath deepens.  Rest into it for a few minutes.  End with this exercise by Donna Eden for grounding.

Creating You

The process of creating your life is the biggest gift you have.  Reinforce your new neural networks by supporting your energized brain! Marinate in your breath, your smile and the sensations of your creation.  While you marinate find a place in nature where you can listen to waves, birds or whatever you are drawn to.  For additional support:

  1. Choose a low-glycemic-load diet chewing thoroughly to help your digestion.
  2. Get consistent physical activity your enjoy (here I am enjoying paddle board).
  3. Identifying possible nutrient deficiencies and supplement as needed.  
  4. Quiet your mind by letting yourself feel your feelings and sensations rather than analyzing or judging them.
  5. Receive adequate sleep by gearing down by 9 pm at the latest which is the time the brain starts detoxification. Be in bed by 10 pm.  Note any issue with sleep so you can address it in your session.



Oxytocin Meditation with your Furry Friend

Petting a furry friend can trigger the release of the bonding hormone oxytocin. Marinate in the sensation of their love connection with you.  Petting their fur is calming for you both and it lowers your heart rate.  If they are small enough, consider holding them on your lap while you are doing something else.  For the meditation take a few minutes to savor any sensations related to your connection.

Oxytocin Meditation with your Spouse or Significant Other

Holding hands produces oxytocin, which makes us feel happier and more loved by our partner.  Hold hands and savor the sensation for at least 3 minutes in silence so you can just savor.  This can be done sitting or while you go for a walk.  This can also be a great savoring meditation with a hug.  For the meditation include taking a few minutes to savor any sensations related to your connection.