Mental Health offerings - Anxiety, Depression and Post Traumatic Stress


Self Regulation Therapy (SRT)

 Our social norms about how we should behave help the rational brain override our visceral responses to these violations and we respond with tact rather than aggression.  This is important to do – but the innate responses do not subside from the nervous system.  You may remember feeling cold or trembling after a close call while driving or while sitting in a dentist chair or feeling anger and tension that lasted long after you talked through that threatening issue with your partner.  Most of us minimize it and go on to the next task not realizing the energy mounting in the nervous system.  This energy stays in the body leading to anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, and overall health issues.  When this energy gets too high it manifests as symptoms known as dysregulation.  The process of unwinding dysregulation from the nervous system and aiding it to process is SRT.  The value of experiencing SRT lies in it enabling these thwarted responses to be completed in a safe environment, using a practiced system of gently guiding you through the sensations that have been suppressed in your body, and ending in a position of ease. 

 SRT allows an individual to experience low levels of activation of the nervous system for short periods of time, followed by a return to a state of ease.  This permits the nervous system to digest the heightened level of activity and learn how to handle it effectively, thus creating a new way of being.  Clients develop the ability to maintain a more regulated state of being when dealing with situations of stress (positive or negative). 

SRT moves in and out of sensation in a regulated way so the client can experience a sense of control in the sessions.  Clients experience releases of heat, tingling, trembling, twitching and sometimes tears.  The goal is not to release in a catharsis but to bring forth regulation in the manner that fits most comfortably your nervous system.  Many clients notice an increase in positive and negative sensory experiences.  As trauma and shock is being resolved this enables dormant sensations never dealt with to be addressed and resolved.  These dormant sensations awake now that there is room and a way for them to be dealt with.  As these layers are dealt with, greater health can now be realized with emotions naturally starting to balance.  The number of sessions needed depends on the number of layers involved in releasing the trauma and shock related with the symptoms being resolved.  Clients can decide to take breaks from treatment and resume at a later date without losing the benefits of the work that has been done.   The completion of treatment is typically attained in significantly less time than conventional conversational therapies.  

Resolving Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - Freedom for Veterans

After combat veterans leave the war between the countries only to find they now have one going on within their own self.  The gun never gets put down until the nervous system puts it down and traditional psychotherapy usually does not work specifically with the nervous system.

Consciously there is the awareness that one is done with duty but the only way the nervous system knows it is done is to process how the fight, flee and freeze responses were embodied during duty.  Often vets feel like they are crazy when it is the situation they put themselves into that was crazy.  No one usually informs veterans of the full damage duty generates so it is also normal to feel intense betrayal and overwhelm.  Often free services only retraumatize and pathologize veterans verses freeing them.  As a result, the need for control, hyper-vigilance and playing out the war experiences over and over again in dreams and daily life is normal.  This new normal captures and annihilates most veterans who do not get the help Self Regulation Therapy (SRT) can offer.  SRT resolves how the experience is held in the nervous system so freedom and thriving can manifest. 

Couples Counseling

Effective communication is easily learned with the tools Laurel imparts to couples wishing to grow a stronger relationship. Couples develop self-awareness and self-mastery so the relationship with each-other can be strengthened.  Conflict is replaced with action plans that allow the nervous system to have what it needs to resolve triggers.  With this gentle resolve the relationship can be an opportunity to bring closure to the past and relate functionally in the present. Enrichment of the individual and the relationship can naturally unfold so clarity, joy and intimacy can manifest.  

For free support for your marriage:  I recommend deepening once a week with the Marriage Minutes from the Gothman Institude.  Set aside some time to come together to read and talk about the Minutes. Then come up with an action plan with any insights or new awareness generated from your discussion.

Betsy Smith's Free Podcast is also worth listening to together.


Holistic health program


Often in chronic illness parts of us can get cut off from the rest of our being creating patterns of illness which no one seems to be able to figure out.  Our body is a thriving powerhouse of energy and information enabling us to partake of the bounties of life.  In our current civilization we are meant to use our body to thrive.  To actualize this we need an effective way to to deal with the emotional and physical blockages while allowing one's true self to feel safe to fully exist. 

Program highlights:

 ~Art therapy for awareness of unconscious blocks and necessary resolve for unification.

~SRT to enable new neural networks to support unification and a conscious lifestyle.

~Counseling for releasing and learning from old wounds.

~Transgenerational clearing to release generational patterns of illness.

~Nutritional counseling to support harmony in the body, mind and spirit. 

~Energetic boundaries and development.

~The program ends with a "Thriving Plan" and installation which supports your new authentic lifestyle.