Pre-session Care


Wellness Plan

Please review your individual needs and goals so we can manifest a wellness plan catered to you. As you progress through this work take a few moments to note the changes and shifts to help grow the changes benefiting you. Continued review of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self is vital so we can celebrate what is going well and update the plan as need be.  Any wishes you have are important to communicate including wishes you have for your relationships, family, and the larger community you relate to. Anything you think would be helpful is important to mention. 

You can help your progress by writing out the positive outcomes of your sessions. Prior to your session you can note positive intentions for your session and take time to ground and center yourself as much as you can.

Care Between Sessions

The Pre-Session Form is meant to help support you between sessions.  If an issue comes up between sessions and this is not enough you are welcome to call to schedule a consultation.  I can not guarantee I can accommodate last minute requests but a majority of the time I do.  These requests are important to me. Often the presenting issue resolves and you do not have to waste precious energy and time waiting until your next scheduled session. 

Phone Consultation Care

It is best to do all phone consultations siting or standing. Be in a comfortable private place and have a blanket, pillow, tissues, warm water, and a headset ready.  The phone consultation number is:  (425) 572-0224.  Please call at the time you are scheduled for your session.

Self Care

To get the most from your sessions it is helpful to make sure you are hydrated.  Drinking water at a gentle pace throughout the day. 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night will also help. For three days prior to our session please eliminate any alcohol consumption or anything else that may block or aggravate your body or mind (limiting sugar and caffeine is very helpful).   

Pre-Session Form

The Pre-Session Form (see below) is for you to have a place to communicate between sessions.  Please note issues and concerns.  It is important to bring it to the session or have it available for your reference during your phone session.  This is support between sessions and an activator for clarity.  Prior to our sessions issues usually start to come to the surface to be acknowledged, released, or clarified.  Making time to fill it out prior to each session or between the sessions is usually helpful. You are welcome to add your own questions, comments or write any extra information you wish to share.  


Please fully read and fill out the forms at the bottom of the website page you are choosing an offering from.  Mail this form to the address on the Contact page along with payment to reserve your first session.  For future sessions have your Pre-Session Form available (below) or any other written support which may assist you. 

Informational Welcome Letter