Transgenerational Trauma Clearing

Question:  How does this work?

Answer:  Through the quantum field particles of matter form when we put our attention on something.  A wave of possibility becomes a particle or what "matters". Our judgments, beliefs, and thoughts from our linage and our life become what matters and we lose our Self and possibility.  Transgenerational clearing neutralizes these particles and turns them into waves of possibility where we can create, get curious and discover what resonates with us.  We uncover more and more of who we are by showing up in the moment with our attention.  Being with the sensations we experience helps us to stay in this momentum.  Clients often experience possibility as dark, light, or open space within the body.  Sensations of waves, pulsing or a sensation of a void are also possibility!  Heat, chills, or shaking will often occur as the nervous system establishes a new relationship to this open space of possibility.

Question:  When you do generational healing, does it also heal ancestors and descendants who are affected?

Answer:  If they are open to the healing and they do not maintain judgments and belief systems that recreate the problem they too can be affected. In physics there is a law of attraction. If people are going to continue to judge and believe a certain way they will continue to create that.  The wounds of the past are kept alive by the mind.  When people come from their heart, being present in the moment, they end up living their current life in all it's glory.  The key is to maintain a state of possibility while establishing what one wants to effect or create.

 With transgenerational clearings I am working with the quantum field which is a field of possibility where energy can be neutralized and new possibilities can be created. On a Quantum level we are causing an effect versus the Newtonian model of cause and effect. 

Question:   Can this work with dental issues?

Answer:  Yes, I have had clients use it to help prevent and assist cavatation surgeries, dental issues/treatments and resolve pain/inflammation post-op.  The teeth are connected to the meridian system, and the entire body, so they can reflect changes going on in other parts of the body. 

This work is not meant to replace dental care, medical care or other therapies recommended by your doctor.


What Is Transgenerational Memory And What Proof Do We Have That It Exists?

Transgenerational memory is the original memory of unreleased emotions and trauma as well as our inherent gifts.  This memory can manifest in symptoms such as disease and contribute to the creation of the reality we wish to change or improve.  As transgenerational trauma and shock resolution unfolds, increased feelings of ease and deeper connections of love for everyone can be realized.  The inherited gifts can be more fully accessed and appreciated.


With release of transgenerational memory and patterns you can:

~feel safe with your body which enables greater healthy and vitality

~connect and realize your purpose in a real and tangible way  

~enjoy the bounties of life such as a fulfilling career, optimal health and financial success  

~desire what supports your well-being   

~be and enjoy your optimal weight

~end self-sabotage such as procrastination  

~perceive your inner guidance and attract what fulfills you 

~be of service to humanity while feeling joy through-out you

Please see this research proving the existence of transgenerational trauma.  


Working with More than one Therapist

Question:   I am seeing a therapist working on the nervous system and early trauma. If I understood my doctor right, who gave the referral, you would be able to do some clearings that are related to intergenerational trauma. I am just conscious of having two therapists what is your opinion on that? 

Answer:   Seeing a local therapist along with Wellness Coaching can be a great support. I sometimes ask clients to get in contact with a local therapist so you are ahead of the game! Transgenerational clearing uses the nervous system and energetic system to shift patterns held in these systems to support the effectiveness of the clearing.  Since clearings focus on issues in your life as well as generational issues we are addressing what was held in the nervous systems of your forefathers and mothers.  This work involves regulating your nervous system with breath and sensations you are noticing while you are guided through the work and clearings.  Secondly, you will be given information you can use outside the session to support new patterns of health and well-being I call "creating your new energy field". This coaching is related to your new energetic field aligned with who you really are.  At our first session you will be able to get a good sense of how it differs from other therapies for trauma.  This work can help support other therapies and treatments be more effective since the generational patterns are neutralized paving the way for new patterns of consciousness. Clients find it helpful to scheduled this work prior to other therapies, surgeries and dental procedures to help the effectiveness of the procedure.

Creating Your New Canvas So You Can Create Your New Energetic Field

Question:  How do I create my new energetic field? 

Answer:  The wall of the cell has what could be compared to an antenna that downloads environmental cues from the choices made by human beings in relationship to their environment. When we consciously and intentionally complete our actions rather than recapitulating old patterns or acting out of imitation, we are able to recreate ourselves by stimulating those antennas with different vibrations, sensations and associations. The inside of the cell has a nucleus with the blueprints of possibilities or the DNA. These blueprints are not destine realities unless we reinforce them with our behaviors, choices, beliefs and habits.

We all have two kinds of processes going on in our brain/mind. The first one is deliberate thinking which you can start and stop.  The second kind is automatic thinking. This automatic thinking is where the negative stress cycles originate according to leading research. This automatic thinking is a self-sustained feedback loop between the emotional brain, the limbic system, and the cognitive brain. This dance between your emotions, sensations and thoughts creates your opinions about yourself and your life. These opinions which constitute your mindset, drive your decisions and actions.  If mindset is based on anxiety  or trauma (including generational), illness and dis-ease reflects this.  For health to have a chance a healthy mindset is needed as well as a new thought process!  

With transgenerational clearing energetic fields connected to trauma are neutralize so automatic thinking can be influenced by new sensations such as calm, open and ease. Through the process of savoring these new sensations new neural networks are formed.  Secondly, the conscious practice of creating your new energy field with breath into sensations you would normally judge or label can reduce the propensity to restart the automatic thinking. With this process of neutralizing transgenerational trauma a new energetic field of possibility can now support the discovery of one's true heart desires allowing the process of optimal health to unfold naturally and free from a survival mentality of the past.  

The automatic self-regulation processes of the physiology can now perform optimally without conscious intervention of your feelings or thoughts. The innate wisdom of your body has the greatest ability to harmonize and coordinate the diverse functions of your organs. With the clearings clients will sometime feel a sensation of neutrality, ease or nothing in place of contraction, pulling, twisting, etc. The new sensations reflect the process of changing particles of matter to waves of possibly!  In the space of possibly there is a larger Orderliness which is much more able and greater than any mind.  In this space, being open to possibilities, free from efforting and present in the moment, you can witness your greatness, beauty and nobility!  

So you see creating your new energy field is now possible by clearing your past generational and mental wounds so a new canvas of possibilities is available to you!  Now you are free to actualize your true self and optimal health with a daily practice of being in the moment, breathing through sensations free from judgement and savoring the sensations you wish to grow.  This creates your new energy field which creates the mental, emotional and physical reality you experience.  

In your new reality your energetic space within and around your body needs to be nourished with what brings you joy.  If this use to be singing, dancing, traveling or whatever it may be, consistent nourishment is key.  This will help you to manifest your energy field in your image and likeness which is soothing to every part of your body and being.

For more information read books by Bruce Lipon, Gregg Braden, and Joe Dispenza (check out his book "Becoming Supernatural").


The Effectiveness of Working Remotely

Question:  I'm fascinated by the ART (Autonomic Response Testing) testing, I've done work with practitioners who use muscle testing and I also practice some energy work where I use a pendulum. Can you do the ART testing remotely, even if you don't have a strong connection (relationship) with the other person? Are there some limitations? 

Answer:  I do not use ART because I find what I sense in my body and see with my inner eye is much more specific to the energetic patterns contributing to the physical or mental illness showing up in the body. When I work I allow my client's body, mind and energy field to direct the work so I can be present and connected to what my client needs. I am grateful to be a facilitator of the work and I cannot take full credit for it.  All of my training, experience, research and personal work definitely helps. What makes it so powerful is your willingness to show up for yourself and do the work while allowing your self-healing capacities to unfold.

I have done this work in person and remotely.  I find clients work better when there is a level of privacy where they determine what they share with me.  Phone sessions promote this privacy.  This work is more effective when clients rest their eyes, allowing an inner eye to do the seeing.  Since I feel, know and perceive what I need to understand over the phone I too have everything I need. 

Strengthening Our Connection

Question:   Is there anything I can do to improve the connection? 

Answer:    You can get more out of the work by seeing, receiving and acknowledging the improvements it makes in every moment even if they seem small.  This way you grow those successes and attract more successes.  Marinating in gratitude grows what you are grateful for.  Allow yourself to be where you are at so you can get to where you need to go.  Practice coming from your heart rather than your mind, trust the process and let go of figuring it out, and take good care of yourself. 

Are there some limitations?

Answer:   Sometimes people feel safer if the therapist is with them.  If this is the case it would be beneficial to start the Wellness Coaching work here with this valid concern.  Having a local therapist may also be helpful.


Question: Can you give me a sense of the chances that I might experience results in the first session or whether that's unusual. How do you determine how many sessions are needed? I know we're never done working on our emotional or mental well being, but both my husband and I want to make sure there aren't issues in particular that are blocking our progress with our current protocol. We're spending a significant amount right now on trying to recover our health, so we're trying to prioritize and get a sense of how costs might accrue. 

Answer:  I do not limit myself to believing we are never done working on our mental and emotional being.  My experience is we are constantly being given opportunities to grow spiritually, to manifest our true Self and cultivate virtues. If we face difficulties by breathing into the sensations and honoring what we hear in our heart we create opportunities to grow our well-being. This work enables complete resolve of emotional and mental illness by neutralizing the energy patterns keeping it alive. In place of illness one has a daily practice of creating the joyful life they are meant to live along with growing greater gratitude, steadfastness, detachment, mindfulness, etc. The number of sessions depends on how many issues or layers are held within the nervous system and the energetic field. Sometimes people will have to work with similar issues a number of times because they have not accessed all of what was coupled with a particular memory or there is something yet to resolve to neutralize the pattern of holding on to judgments and beliefs that help recreate the illness.  Sometimes one session is enough.

If you are like me and need to work many layers of an issue remember it is like hiking up a mountain.  As you go around the mountain you come back to the same scenery even though you are higher up.  As you get higher up your perceptive changes and deep awareness often provides the deeper resolve you need to learn from.  The higher up you go the better the berries taste so you may notice more joy is there it is just a matter of taking it in and letting it become a part of your matter.

Clients report shifts and changes of all kinds after the first session. I have no idea how your journey will unfold but I do know there are many great possibilities available for you and I am happy to help!



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