Questions and Answers

Generational Clearings


- When you do generational healing, does it also heal ancestors and descendants who are affected?

Answer:  If they are open to the healing and they do not maintain judgments and belief systems that recreate the problem they too can be affected. In physics there is a law of attraction. If people are going to continue to judge and believe a certain way they will continue to create that. I have found when people come from their heart rather than their mind they end up getting more out of the work. 

With generational clearings I am working with the quantum field which is a field of possibility where energy can be neutralized and new possibilities can be created. On a Quantum level we are causing an effect versus the Newtonian model of cause and effect.

-How does the environment determine our make up more than DNA?

Answer:  The wall of the cell has what could be compared to an antenna that downloads environmental cues from the choices made by human beings in relationship to their environment. When we consciously and intentionally complete our actions rather than recapitulating old patterns or acting out of imitation we are able to recreate ourself by stimulating those antennas with different vibrations, sensations and associations. The inside of the cell has a nucleus with the blueprints of possibilities or the DNA. These blueprints are not destin realities unless we reinforce them with our behaviors, choices, beliefs and habits.

- I'm fascinated by the ART (Autonomic Response Testing) testing, I've done work with practitioners who use muscle testing and I also practice some energy work where I use a pendulum. Can you do the ART testing remotely, even if you don't have a strong connection (relationship) with the other person? Are there some limitations? Is there anything I can do to improve the connection?

Answer:  I do not use ART because I find what I sense in my body and see with my inner eye is much more specific to the energetic patterns contributing to the physical patterns or illness showing up in the body. I connect with the Infinite Creator when I work and allow the work to flow through me. I am grateful to be a facilitator of the work and I cannot take full credit for it. All of my trainings, experience, research and personal work definitely helps. What makes it so powerful is your willingness to show up for yourself and do the work while allowing your self-healing capacities to unfold.

You can get more out of the work by seeing, receiving and acknowledging the improvements it makes in every moment even if they are small.  This way you grow those successes and attract more successes.  Marinating in gratitude grows what you are grateful for.  Allow yourself to be where you are at so you can get to where you need to go.  Practice coming from your heart rather than your mind, trust the process and let go of figuring it out, and take good care of yourself.

- Can you give me a sense of the chances that I might experience results in the first session or whether that's unusual. How do you determine how many sessions are needed? I know we're never done working on our emotional or mental well being, but both my husband and I want to make sure there aren't issues in particular that are blocking our progress with our current protocol. We're spending a significant amount right now on trying to recover our health, so we're trying to prioritize and get a sense of how costs might accrue. 

Answer:  I do not limit myself to believing we are never done working on our mental and emotional being.  My experience is we are constantly being given opportunities to grow spiritually, to manifest our true Self and cultivate virtues. If we face difficulties by breathing into them and honoring what our heart says we create opportunities to grow our well-being. This work enables complete resolve of emotional and mental illness by neutralizing the energy patterns keeping it alive. In place of illness one has a daily practice of creating the joyful life they are meant to live along with growing greater gratitude, steadfastness, detachment, mindfulness, etc. The number of sessions depends on how many issues are held within the nervous system and the energetic field. Sometimes people will have to work with similar issues a number of times because they haven't accessed all of what was coupled with a particular memory or there is something yet to resolve to neutralize the pattern of holding on to judgments and beliefs that recreate the illness.

Clients report shifts and changes of all kinds after the first session. I have no idea how your journey or your husband's journey will unfold.