Remote Transgenerational Clearing

Confidential remote clearing is available for any issue.  Transgenerational trauma and shock contributing to current day issues and dis-ease are neutralized.  Remote clearing is a helpful tool when you do not have privacy, are too tired or busy to book Wellness Coaching or you need extra support during an event.  Clients also find clearings helpful prior to or during a large emotional or physical change or trigger such as dental work, surgeries, healing retreats, moving, traveling, or a doctor's visit.

Clients need to complete at least two Wellness Coaching sessions (120 minutes total) prior to booking this option.  I reserve the right to refuse this serves if I do not feel a client is prepared to receive the work. 

To reserve your booking submit payment 24-hours prior or at the time of your booking.  The Agreement Form below needs to be received at prior to booking.  At the beginning of the clearing, or close to your booked time, text through WhatsApp the parts of your body communicating sensation (use the Sensation Form below) and up to 4 things you want resolved.  If time permits, any recommendations of support will also be texted back to you at the end of the clearing.



Sensation Form

Sensation Form (pdf)