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Laurel Anderson-Rostami, MA, LMHC


Background and Summary

Laurel holds a Master of Arts, in Applied Behavioral Science from Bastyr University. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, she has received additional training in Thought Field Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Prenatal and Birth Trauma, Holographic Memory Release, and Self Regulation Therapy. She has also developed a method to enable healing of generational trauma and disease. Laurel specializes in resolving stress and illness resulting from trauma or shock. She facilitates conscious regulation of the nervous system by gently processing how fight, flight and freeze responses have become embodied. Sessions can be done by phone or in person. Symptoms are used as guides to greater ease, health and awareness. Laurel works with couples, families, and individuals of all ages and backgrounds.  
Self Regulation Therapy (SRT)
Our nervous systems are stimulated to varying degrees during the course of our ordinary daily activities.  Our responses to these stimuli, whether they are positive or negative in nature, can sometimes be overwhelming to us.  Self Regulation Therapy (SRT) is a technique that focuses on body sensations instead of detailed discussions to dissipate these feelings of being overwhelmed.

SRT allows an individual to experience low levels of activation of the nervous system for short periods of time, followed by a return to a state of ease.  This permits the nervous system to digest the heightened level of activity and learn how to handle it effectively, thus creating a new way of being.  Clients develop the ability to maintain a more regulated state of being when dealing with situations of stress (positive or negative).
Laurel guides this SRT work in a safe environment where clients can work through fight or flight responses that have been suppressed to maintain healthy functioning.  As the new state of being is developed, clients become able to manage daily challenges and stresses with increased ease and feelings of well-being.  This leads to greater joy in life, enhanced relationships, and improved health and vitality.
Understanding Why SRT is so important to experience.
Were it not for our neo-cortex or “rational brain,” our natural responses to threat would be identical to that of animals.  If we feel someone has violated our boundaries, we have a visceral response similar to an animal whose territory is violated.  Our social norms about how we should behave help the rational brain override our visceral responses to these violations and we respond with tact rather than aggression.  This is important to do – but the innate responses do not subside from the nervous system.  You may remember feeling cold or trembling after a close call while driving or while sitting in a dentist chair or feeling anger and tension that lasted long after you talked through that threatening issue with your partner.  Most of us minimize it and go on to the next task not realizing the energy mounting in the nervous system.  This energy stays in the body leading to disturbances in sleep, mood and overall health.  When this energy gets too high it manifests as symptoms known as dysregulation.  The process of unwinding dysregulation from the nervous system and aiding it to process is SRT.  The value of experiencing SRT lies in it enabling these thwarted responses to be completed in a safe environment, using a practiced system of gently guiding you through the sensations that have been suppressed in your body, and ending in a position of ease.

What life events can be resolved with the assistance of SRT?

When a client has not had their needs fully met as a child there can be an imbalance with emotions and behavior responses. These imbalances can manifest themselves as anxiety and mood disorders, physical symptoms, addictions, depression and much more.  Imbalances can also be caused by surgery, automobile accidents and a variety of other threatening life events.  When SRT resolves how these events have been held in the nervous system the “re-living” or reenactments of the event in the form of symptoms can come to an end.

What do clients experience with SRT?

Because SRT moves in and out of sensation in a regulated way the client can experience a sense of control in the sessions.  Clients experience releases of heat, tingling, trembling, twitching and sometimes tears.  The goal is not to release in a catharsis but to bring forth regulation in the manner that fits most comfortably your nervous system.  Many clients notice an increase in positive and negative sensory experiences.  As trauma and shock is being resolved this enables dormant sensations never dealt with to be addressed and resolved.  These dormant sensations awake now that there is room and a way for them to be dealt with. As these layers are dealt with, greater health can now be realized with emotions naturally starting to balance.  The number of sessions needed depends on the number of layers involved in releasing the trauma and shock related with the symptoms being resolved.  Clients can decide to take breaks from treatment and resume at a later date without losing the benefits of the work that has been done.   The completion of treatment is typically attained in significantly less time than conventional conversational therapies.  It is very helpful to make a list of the goals or accomplishments you wish to realize from this treatment before beginning.

Generational Healing

We hold in our bodymind genetic information from our parents and their lineage. This information can be both pleasant and unpleasant. This information can manifest in symptoms such as disease and help create the very reality we wish to change or improve. Laurel assists with resolving this embodied information with SRT and visualization exercises to produce closure and resolution. Clients are able to learn from family dis-ease while transforming it into awareness. As resolution unfolds, increased feelings of ease and deeper connections of love for everyone can be realized.

Living Raw Food Education and Support

As a Raw Food Chef Laurel inspires others to integrate living food into daily choices. She guides clients to an eating plan that resonates for them and facilitates a healthy relationship with food. Whether it is increasing awareness about more food choices, using food to support mental and physical health, or healing from an eating disorder - Laurel has done it personally and professionally. She has worked as a Counselor at the Rader Institute for Eating Disorders and done 36 years of research and training in food-based wellness, empowerment and preparation. Everything from how to shop for great food to preparing raw and cooked food is also available. Education is catered to each individual situation with plenty of raw and cooked options, as well as gluten-free creativity and loads of choices - regardless of what foods you may be eliminating!

A few carefully chosen products are also available in the Conscious Completion Health Food Shop. Raw food creations, teas, beauty supplies, and more are all available to support conscious nourishment.


Sessions are $135 per 45 minutes. Mental health insurance plans may cover part or all of the fee. Washington Women in Need covers part of Laurel's counseling fee for low-income women.   For PayPal payments please send payments to



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