Constellations and Group Therapy workshops


The Family Systems Constellation and Corporate Constellation

The science of Epigenetics shows the hidden influences upon the genes that affect how we relate to all things.  Genes have memory as well as an energetic field. This memory creates a resonance field of knowing. It is this energetic field of knowing that allows us to remember through body sensations which we often translate into thoughts and meaning. The mind puts meaning to sensations so we have a sense of control and understanding. When we deal with genetic memory or neutralize it the meaning we give things and the sensations we experience can aline with our current reality or experience.

Biophysicist Rupert Sheldrake identified the knowing field or the morphogenic field as the place that holds the informational pattern of our entire family system, similarly to the inherited DNA structure we receive from our forebears.

Belonging is our greatest longing. The soul honors the realities of the tribe. The family soul does not rest until every member and event is fully included with support, love and forgiveness. "When there has been a trauma or someone in the family system has been excluded, forgotten, cast out, or suffered a difficult fate, someone of the following generations unconsciously and invariably will step in and bring the lost member's destiny back through living it out in this lifetime effecting us in ways in which we have no understanding. It happens out of a deep but hidden loyalty out of the secret law  that will not allow anyone of a family system being denied the right to belong. It is a love so deep that the family member may unconsciously choose to die, rather than "betray" the family bond."  Bert Hellinger

How The Constellation is set up:

The working participant in a Systemic Constellation, the client, will have an issue.  Laurel will conduct a brief private interview regarding events and facts of the family. This allows a level of discernment to determine the roles to be represented. This "blind Constellation" allows for the freedom from projection on the part of all participants so we limit the involvement of the mind and maximize the potency of the knowing field.  The client will choose people from the group to  "represent" the person or state being worked with.  The client sets up the representatives, as it feels right to them, in the circle which is “the knowing field”.  When representatives are placed in The Constellation they will notice the sensations and energy of the person or state they stand for. 

 As The Constellation progresses, the needs of the soul emerge, and the gestures and sentences of healing present themselves.  Through words and demonstrations of honor, acknowledgement and forgiveness the wounds are revealed so they can be transformed. Often the client as well as the individuals involved in The Constellation start to feel greater strength, love and purpose. When the past is held with understanding and compassion an energy is released that enables everyone in the room, and their families, greater access to a sense of belonging and individual capacity!

Following The Constellation it is important participants stay with the feelings and sensations of the work rather than analyzing them. It is beneficial to just have some down time to rest, drink water, and allow everything to integrate. If people do want to talk about the constellation it's best to focus on the blessings that came out of it so this is where the energy continues to go and grow. The Constellation also needs to be held confidential with everybody in the room participating or witnessing.

Laurel specializes in empowering systems of all kinds whether it is the physical system, emotional system, energetic system of the body, family system, or corporate systems we live or work in.  In corporations it is normal for family of origin issues to get projected into the community dynamics causing confusion and drama.  In the Corporate Constellation Workshops Laurel facilitates and enhances community well-being by uncovering the hidden issues and dynamics needing to be resolved.  This gentle process causes conscious awareness in place of confusion and harmony in place of drama.  When Constellations are done everyone benefits even if they are an observer.  In addition to resolving presented issues, beneficial effects are often noticed throughout the weeks and months that follow. 

Mindbody Constellation Workshops With Extra Therapeutic Support

Each illness serves a function and represents an attempt for the mindbody to find resolution.  Constellation work combined with cultivation of one's relationship with their mindbody deepens the discovery process.   Resolving personal and family issues by accessing the family lineage and the Knowing field of constellation work enables closure and clarity of both live and buried wounds or illness.  Group consciousness creates this Knowing field which is used to inform us of the deepest dynamics in our family system and find new resolutions for greater well-being.
In addition to the constellation this workshop also includes:

  • Group therapy to increase understanding of one’s own body’s wisdom through sensation, art and therapeutic practices.
  • Group discussions, group dynamics, and gentle mindbody-centered practices to deepen self-awareness, well-being and loving connections with others.
  • The cultivation of compassion, consciousness, and self-care practices so mindbody health can maintain its optimal expression.

Developing a healthy relationship with one’s mindbody is the foundation for healthy fulfilling relationships of all kinds. Learn to use your valuable mindbody to guide, support and honor a fulfilling life journey.   


Rest and Renewal Mini-Retreat Workshop

This 3 hour retreat guides you through the process of resting and renewing yourself so you can bring it into your everyday practice of self care.  Group process and activities will enable a deeper experience of how to rest and renew.  Education is provided throughout the retreat to give valuable information on how to rest your nervous system and digestive system throughout the day so it is easier to rest and renew yourself while you sleep.  With the experiential and educational components of this retreat you can effortlessly download a new way of being which generates more peace within you as well as those around you.

Here are some highlights:

~Exercises to quiet the mind and ground the body 

~Breathing and letting go

~Soothing with sound, aroma and natural remedies

~Releasing generational blocks around rest and renewal 

~Gentle eating to promote better digestion

~Generating harmony within the pancreas

~Foods that promote renewal

~How to rest and renew your organs

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The Constellations and Group Therapy Workshops above can be contracted for by individuals, businesses, and families.  A minimum of 6 participants is required.