Thank you for the great privilege of witnessing you uncover more of your innate capacity for well-being.  I have been honored to accompany you in the potent process of strengthening your authentic self.  Thank you for the gift of your testimonials. 


"Laurel was a pivotal part of my life for the following reasons: she helped me 
refine my intuitive abilities and helped me trust myself, she coached me to 
assert myself and protect my boundaries, and she gave me skills in processing 
emotions that ultimately enabled me to be comfortable in my own space. This led 
to finding my life partner. I also appreciated how much counsel she could offer 
about nutrition and health. Best of all, she doesn't want her clients to become 
dependent, she wants them to spread their wings and fly!" ~ SS, Richland, WA

"I started to see Laurel when I was 24 years old. She has helped me considerably over that last 20+ years. Her kind, loving spirit has helped me find who I am and celebrate it! With all my ups and downs, she has been a rock that I have turned to without fear. I will be forever grateful for her kindness, support and loving light.” ~ Marianne, Lake Arrowhead, CA

"How impossible it seemed to see and evaluate the patterns I'd established in my life over 40 plus years- especially in my flagging relationships with family and marriage.  Laurel was an absolute gift for accompanying me on a path of discovery that has forever changed my being- intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually  She has an insight that is both inspirational and absolutely spot on in assisting my journey, supporting my challenges and reminding me well and often to celebrate the joys and opportunities of my life- past, present and future.  Above all, I think she taught me that the quality of life comes not in the answers we find, but through the questions we ask.  Thank you for all the right questions, Laurel!"  
~ Christopher K. Gilbert, Ph.D., Gig Harbor, WA
Managing Principal at GlobalEdge Solutions, LLC   

"Wonderful sessions with Laurel!  She helped me walk a guided path of getting my life back.  She skillfully supported me through everything with intunment and clarity.   I know myself now, I have dignity, strength, I have been changed for the better, I am limitless now."  ~ Grateful Soul

"Laurel has a gentle touch and demeanor; her HMR work is both relaxing and rejuvenating!"
~ Carolyn  S., Burlington, VT
Craniosacral Therapist, Educator, and Applied Anthropologist

"Integral to overall health is the mind and body working together.  Laurel's work to align both following my surgery improved my healing process.  I didn't realize how much she could help until I experienced Laurel's approach."  ~Weldon

"I met Laurel at a time when I was going through a huge transition in my life. I felt lost, confused. Thanks to my time with Laurel, my life has transformed! I can now say "I am whole." Through her gentle guidance and accompaniment, I was able to begin a journey that lead me to discover a new vision of myself, as someone precious and valuable, and to fully embrace that my identity is not a human 'doing,' but  a human 'being.' I am able to connect to and trust my inner wisdom to guide me, knowing that no matter what circumstances may be, I am safe and I am loved. Through our work together, I now live my life with ease and joy and peace. I feel grounded and fully authentic. Laurel created the safe space where I could see and discover my own capacity. I can't begin to thank her enough for the change in my life."
~Marie Tjernlund, Tacoma, WA
Executive Coach / Master Facilitator / Speaker, Noble Edge, LLC

"Thank you for being my sacred witness to my magical journey with my mom.  You helped me anchor it and make it more real."


 "Thank you, Laurel,  so much for your expertise, your guidance, and holding a space for many layers of release and forgiveness from many generations, wow!  I feel my heart uplifted, and joy from my natural effervescence bubbling up. I am so grateful for your facilitation of this process."

~Robin MD, Seattle, WA Certified counselor, personal coach and founder of Aware Eating